Miss Determination

What the daughter does, the mother did.  ~Jewish Proverb

Where to start with Miss Determination, that is the question. I suppose starting with the basics is a good choice. Miss Determination arrived in this world in September of 2014, her birth did not go exactly as I envisioned it.  I had visions of a calm easy labor, something that was the complete opposite of the way Hollywood  portrays it.

I read all the things about how amazing child birth could be. I was sure that I would have amazing, easy, and calm birth. It started out amazing, I was calm and relaxed imagining that I was opening like a flower, to bring my beautiful daughter earth side.  The first couple hours went perfectly fine, then the back labor started. Still I managed to power through, that was until Miss Determination realized she was going to enter the world the wrong way.

That’s right my completely engaged daughter, who  thought your entered the world in the posterior presentation, decided to change to anterior presentation.  I swear she must have heard the nurses talking and realized she was going to be wrong, which she couldn’t have.  After 16 hours of pretty intense labor, 4 hours of which I don’t entirely remember although Bald Man says I said words that would make a sailor blush.  Miss Sass arrived

She was completely prefect, although I might be a little biased. Despite arriving 2 weeks early she was a healthy 8lb 8 oz 20.5 inches long.  While her delivery might not have gone how I envisioned it, I learned a lot from it so I would be better prepared for future children.

As Miss Determination grew she showed us just how determined she could be. Miss Determination was a high needs baby, she hated to be put down and made sure you knew it. So baby wearing became a life saver, I couldn’t have gotten anything done with out it (I’ll share more about my baby wearing journey in a later post).

Her determination amazes me, I have never seen a child more determined to do something.  From how she would sleep, to learning to walk, to where she is today she knows what she wants and she will get it.

At a month shy of 4 Miss Determination is just as determined  as ever. There are day she drives me up a wall (most of them in fact). Mostly because when she decides on what she wants there is no talking her out of it. Some might call that stubborn but I try not to look at my children in a negative light. They will need to be able to spread their wings and fly some day, and I want them to know how strong they are, in the most positive light.

Heart and soul I know that the reason Miss Determination drives me crazy is because she is just like me.  I wasn’t much older than her when I managed to make myself sick getting completely worked up over a thunder storm. Which is why I chose the quote at the top of this post because it is completely true. There are days when I feel like I can’t thank my mom enough for not killing me.

As much as I hate her determination, I also love it, because I know its what will drive her to follow her dreams.  She will grow up to be something amazing, that much I know. I look forward to seeing who she becomes.

miss sass




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