Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival

So you happen upon the small town of Bucyrus Ohio, on the third full weekend of August, I’m sure you are wondering what’s going on. Welcome to the Bucyrus Bratwurst festival.

The festival just wrapped up it’s 51st year in celebration.  The Festivities are kicked of by the Bratwurst Queen from the previous year taking a bite of the first Bratwurst.  When Bald Man told me the first year we were married, that we were going to the Bratwurst festival, to watch his sister compete for Bratwurst Queen I was confused. I had never heard of the Bratwurst festival.

It was a shame that I had never heard of the festival because, as I’ve learned It’s the Eatest Festival in the world.  Obviously bratwurst are the main cuisine at the festival but there is also your tradition fair food.  When it comes to bratwurst I never realized you could do so many things with them.

You have your tradition bratwurst sandwich, which lots of stands have, but there are also stands that have unique ways to serve bratwurst.  You have your pitawurst, bratwurst peirogies, bratwurst pizza, and the very popular bratwurst sundae. I’m willing to bet your are sitting there thinking ewww bratwurst and ice cream that sounds gross.  I know you are thinking this because I spend the first year of the festival thinking the same thing.  I assure you there is no actual ice cream in a bratwurst sundae.

I’ve been told that a bratwurst sundae is made using the bratwurst like the bananas in a banana split, with mashed potatoes as the ice cream, shredded cheese like the sprinkles, sour cream like your whipped cream, topped with I believe and olive.  I say this is what I’ve been told because I don’t eat bratwurst (I have a thing about meat in casing, with the exception of hot dogs), so I can’t tell you for sure. I tend to focus on the deep fried stuff, like deep fried cheese on a stick, Oreos, and cookies, with the occasional walking taco.

While food is the main focus of the festival, there are so many other great things to enjoy.  There is a parade everyday of the festival, and a variety of live entertainment.  You also have you competitions, things like the pigtail contest, or the best male legs contest.  Miss Determination can’t wait to be able to compete in the piggy contest, but since she had horribly slow growing hair, we told her she had to wait until next year.  Bald man has considered the leg contest but hasn’t done it yet. Food eating contest are another popular group of events at the festival.  And then there are the Queen and Princess pageants.

I don’t know much about the pageants because I have only attended the queen pageant once, because well its’ not Bald Man, Miss Determination, or Mr. Fearless’ thing.  So I can’t tell you much about them, I know there were questions but I can’t remember much else, it’s been 4 years since I went to one.

In my opinion the Bratwurst Festival is an event worth attending. There is so much to see and do.  It’s a great event and there is something for every one.

For more information you can check out http://www.bucyrusbratwurstfestival.com.  I have no affiliation with the festival, I just happen to be a local who enjoys it.




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