Mr. Fearless

Don’t wait to make your son a great man – make him a great boy.  ~Author Unknown

Now that you have  met Miss Determination, I’m going to introduce you to Mr. Fearless, my second child.

Mr. Fearless made his entrance into this world in June of 2016, his birth could not have been more prefect.  It went exactly how I envisioned Miss Determination’s birth going.  His birth was uneventful.

I arrived at the hospital for an “induction” but I was really already in labor at 5 cm.  My midwife kept saying all we needed to do was break my water, and we would have a baby within two hours, I didn’t believe her.  With my daughter it took like 12 hours after my water was broken to deliver her, there was know way that it would take so little time with my son.  The labor and deliver nurses kept telling my midwife that she had to wait, because they were too full right now. So for about 5 hours I pretty much just chilled in the room, and watching Grey’s.  At around 5 pm my midwife finally got the okay to break my water, and hour and 15 minutes later I was holding my son.

Like his be sister he was completely prefect, at 9 lbs and 21.5 inches long.  I couldn’t have asked for a more prefect delivery. I had 15 minute of incredible pain, mostly because I went from and 8 to complete in that time. His labor made me believe that labor could be as prefect and beautiful as I thought.

Mr. Fearless was a completely chill baby, he was a go with the flow kind of guy, except when he was hungry.  I learned really fast that if he was hungry I better be able to have my boob out and in his mouth in under 5 seconds or all hell would break loose. So I learned how to dress to make nursing happen fast.

There wasn’t a milestone that Mr. Fearless didn’t beat, its like it was a challenge for him.  ” I hear babies are supposed to walk by 18 months old, here hold my bottle I can beat that.”  This is how I imagine his little brain works, you tell him something and he has to prove you wrong.  By 10 months he was walking exclusively and by 1 he was running and climbing.

Mr. Fearless is now an overactive 2 year old who still believes he can do what ever he wants.  He is a firm believe that if Miss Determination can do it so can her, despite the fact that she is almost 2 years older.  He will try everything without a second thought.

He is fearless and I love that about him, nothing stops him, and just like Miss Determination he will go far.





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