A Carpet’s Knight in Shining Armor

Today’s wacky Wednesday post is a tribute to my vacuum.

I know, I know its just a vacuum, how important can it really be? Incredibly important.

I have two children under 5 and pretty much wall to wall carpeting, that unfortunly doesn’t have good place to put a table to eat at.  My carpet takes a beating on a daily basis, heck and hourly basis. It’s overworked and underappreciated.

I take it for grant it that my vacuum will always be there when I need to clean up a mess.  There are days I’m pretty sure my vacuum eats more dry cereal than the children who request it.  Those of you who don’t have kids probably think this is a gross over reaction, but I assure you it’s not.  Someday there are so many fruit loops in my vacuum it looks like a kaleidoscope.

It’s not just cereal my vacuum loves, it enjoys dried mac & cheese, dried scrambled eggs and pretty much any kid friendly food. It even eats wet food but Bald Man hates when I do that, because then he has to clean the whole thing out, he really loves the vacuum. My vacuum is a champ at eating everything.

Its loves non food items too; dirt, rocks, change string and my hair. None of these these things stop it up. In fact it tried to eat one of Bald Man’s shirts today.  Yep, it’s an eating champ, I’m pretty sure it eats better than Miss Determination, anld Mr. Fearless.

My carpets (and probably my landlord) are eternally grateful for my vacuum.  It truly is my their knight in shining armor.  The rodent and bug population are not grateful for my vacuum, but that’s okay I don’t want them in my house anyway.

So lets give a round of applause to my vacuum it really deserves it.  I should probably give it a raise, but it already gets room and board, and a daily all you can eat buffet what more could it possibly want.




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