Take Back Hot Coffee

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday, but here is your tip Tuesday post, I promise I will eventually get posts, published on the right days.

Today’s Tip Tuesday post won’t be life changing most likely but hey you never know.  As mom’s we sometime end up having to reheat our coffee a million times a day.  Why don’t we just use thermal mugs?  If we were going to the office we would we be putting our coffee in a thermal mug. Make your life easier moms just use thermal mug, stop the endless reheating, and take back hot coffee.  Sorry it if you were looking for some thing more exciting, this is all I have for today, because  this mamma is lacking tip post ideas.  So what are some tips you guys are looking for?  Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to approach it will all of my mommy vs art spunk.

Check out some of these great  mugs, so you can take back hot coffee


  1. Life- because as moms sometimes we feel like we are falling into and endless and mundane hole
  2. Trust- Finding Mom friends or baby sitters you can trust is hard
  3. Breathe- Sometimes the kids are driving us crazy and we just need to remember to breathe

Disclosure these are affiliate links so I may get a small portion of the sale



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