I don’t know how to draw…

“Mommy draw with me” Are four words I dread, because they are usually followed by “But I don’t know how to draw like you”.

This is the exchange that occurs so often between Miss Determination and I, she asks me to sit down and draw with her, and then starts to questions her pictures once I start to draw. I hate it because I want her to be able to grow creatively, and lemarn to be the artist she is meant to be. I also want to draw with her and craft with her, but it is so hard.

What I find to be a simple little drawing my daughter sees as a work of art. She looks at my drawing, like I look a Van Gogh or a Monet. I have a love hate relationship with this admiration. I remember going to art school and comparing myself to the other students.

When I started at Moore, I remember how excited I was. Then classes started and I was discouraged. I remember thinking they must have made a mistake I don’t belong here. I’m pretty sure comparing myself to the other students is why I couldn’t handle art school.

Sometimes I worry that my children won’t grow creatively because they are always comparing their work to mine. I know now that there will always be better artists than me, but I remember how hard it was.

I want my daughter to know that anything she creates is perfect, and beautiful. She will be an artist of her own right someday. And I love watching her grow creatively.

Mr. Fearless on the other hand is going to be a swimming musician.


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