Why did no one tell me this?

As you can see today’s post didn’t have an awesome illustration, because well I have a cold and its blocking my creative flow.  Okay not really but it sound way better than I just didn’t want to draw a picture  today.

Plus these dolls are my writing buddies today, because we are playing babysitter. Which means I sit in one room and Miss Determination knocks on the door frame and asks me to watch her baby(ies). Today I have Baby Mia, Baby Suzy (at least that’s  her name today) and Wonder crew Will.  Baby sitting these dolls does actually have to do with today’s post.

Miss Determination was home sick from school today so we watched a lot of Youtube, (an insane amount actually.)  Miss Determination’s two favorite Youtube, channels are Toy Heroes and the Gummy Channel. If you are familiar with these channels first let me apologize,  and second I have to say why did no one tell me this was an option in my life.

I love dolls I always have, I was sad when I reached the age where society tells you that you are too old for dolls.  Now I’m learning about these Youtube channels where grown women play with dolls and some of them make a living this way.  Why did no one tell me I could grow up and play with dolls?

I look at these women playing with dolls and honestly I’m super jealous.  For multiple  reasons, one I’m jealous that these women pretty much told society their rules are dumb, and also because they have some super awesome dolls.

A while back I fell down the Reborn baby rabbit hole, I fell in love with them.  I don’t have one, for two reasons, one they are super expensive, and two because Bald Man finds them creepy. I want one in the worst way though, so much in fact I have toyed with the idea of buying a kit and making my own, because its cheaper that way. Yet as much as I want one, I also have a hard time getting past how society views them.

I know that if I had one I would be just as caught up with it as I get with a real baby, and Bald Man would probably kill me.  I do think I’ve managed to convince Bald Man that I should get a small dog, especially when I told him that it would be an excellent alternative to another baby, but that’s definitely a blog post for another day.


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