Oh no…. I poop on the floor

It’s my favorite time, or not, It’s time to start working on Potty Training with Mr. Fearless.  Let me tell you he is not at a fan, and I’m finding it super annoying. Why you ask, lets look at my potty training journey with Miss Determination first.

Miss Determination was a breeze to potty train.  With both my kids we used cloth diapers so when I decided that it was time to potty train I took all the fun pattern diapers and snapped them down to Mr. Fearless’ size.


She was devastated the fun patterned diapers were  her favorite, so I showed her the fun pattern panties and she was in love. So the Monday before her second birthday we woke up in the morning and said bye-bye to diapers.  Which worked pretty well, although the first day was rough, and she went though like 10 pairs of undies.  In addition to the fun undies we also had a potty necklace.


She got a clear bead every time she sat on the potty, a colored on when she peed in the potty and a heart bead for pooping.  It worked like a charm, by time Miss Determination’s birthday rolled around  at the end of the week she had pretty much mastered the potty.  By Christmas she was dry all day and all night with minimal accidents.  Like I said she was a breeze to potty train. Mr. Fearless on the other hand is a stubborn little boy.

I have literally tried it all with him, we have done the potty chart, and treats for sitting on and using the potty.  Before any one tries to tell me he just isn’t ready I’m going to tell you right now that isn’t the case.  He has complete control over it, and that’s the thing he doesn’t want to give up control.

When I sit Mr. Fearless on the potty he will obligingly pee some of his pee into the potty, and then declare that he is done.  Then he will come down stairs and pee on the floor, or the wall, my guess is because it’s more fun. I kid you not one day her climb out of the tub and peed on my back, it wasn’t an accident he tilted towards me and peed.

He honestly doesn’t want to use the potty, if you ask him if he is big boy he will flat out tell you no I’m a baby.  He does the same thing when it comes to his bottles (a post for another day.)  It’s not like I’ve introduced a knew baby to the picture and he is jealous.  Honestly I know they say you should try to potty train when there is a new baby, but I really thing that is the best time.There is 22 months between Miss Determination and Mr. Fearless, and you better believe Miss Determination didn’t want to be like her baby brother.

Miss Determination was pretty  much non verbal (she is speech delayed) when she potty trained, it was all about following her ques. Mr. Fearless is probably too verbal for his own good, and  a fantastic mimic.  He is completely capable of telling me he is wet, or poopy, or needs to go potty, he just doesn’t want to.  In fact he will hide to poop, and then deny being poopy, because he hates having his diaper changed.

So our potty training journey continues with Mr. Fearless at a little more than 2 he is still content in his diapers, I’m not content.  So the battle continues, and it really is a battle with him.  I’m hoping we have mastered the Potty by Christmas.

Anybody have any other tips on how to Potty Train an incredibly stubborn little boy? I’m at a lose.  Please share.




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