Am I Earning my Pearls???

Stay at home moms are always taken for granted. It doesn’t matter how many articles are posted about how much work we actually do, people don’t buy it. Which is fine with me, if you want to believe I sit around eating bon bons and watching soaps go for it. Your opinion doesn’t matter to me. However Bald Man’s opinion does matter.

About a month ago my wife game hit rock bottom. I was feeling horribly unappreciated, so I kind of just stopped doing my job. Which fun fact did not make thing better, in fact it made things worse. Bald Man was having none of it, he made his feeling known. Which got me thinking.

I said it in my Yoga Pants post, if we want people to look at what we do as the job it is then we need to treat it like one. Which means shouldn’t there be some of the same aspects as a real job? Like a boss and evaluations?

I know what you are thinking if you run a business you don’t have a boss. Which technically is true but your business can fail, and you can lose all your money, so there’s motivation. What motivation do we have as SAHMs?

Yes there is the whole raising children to be good adult, but that takes time to pay off. So sometimes we need someone to call out our BS. In my case it’s Bald Man, but it doesn’t have to be your spouse, although that does make the most sense.

I know it’s an archaic and dated ideas, but it has some great aspects. Your spouse sees your house on a daily basis who better to evaluate it. Let’s be honest with ourselves we have all lied to our spouses about what we do all day on occasion. I believe the lie goes something like this, “No honey I cleaned the house today the children just destroyed it.” When in reality we didn’t do anything all day which just binged watched a TV show. There are days where our lies are actual truths, but more often then not they are just lies.

Do I love when Bald Man, calls me out, when he takes the time to grade my performance. No I hate it, but in all honesty that isn’t a trait exclusive to SAH motherhood. No one likes when their boss calls them out on their poor performance.

Our work as SAHM will always be taken for granted. As much as it sucks that’s just how it is. The modern society we live in doesn’t value what we do. Society, especially the extreme feminist look at being a SAHM as being oppressed (my feelings on extreme feminism are a post all it’s own). In my opinion getting to be a SAHM is an amazing gift, that so many woman are denied because of the society we have become. On that note I’ll end this post because that’s a post for another day.

50 housewife evaulation


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