On a Quest for my Pearls

I’m sure by now you are like what is this woman’s obsession with pearls, Does anyone even wear pearls any more?

To be honest I have no idea if women actually still wear pearls on a regular basis, but there is something about a string of pearls that just seems so wifely.  The epitome of a  good wife was a 1950s housewife, and honestly something about them draws me in.  Every time I’ve pictured myself as a wife and mother, I have always seen myself looking as fabulous as a 50s housewife.  I know it sounds crazy, but the clothes, the hair, the heels and of course the pearls, just seems so prefect.

I know there are plenty of feminist out there who are literally horribly disgusted with me. How could I possible want to be like one of those oppressed woman, because those woman were amazing.   I mean come on they wore heels all the time you have to be an amazing and strong woman to do that.

At the beginning of December I started becoming more and more interested  in becoming a fifties housewife.  I suspect it started from binge watching all of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (The first season for the second time, and then the entire second season.)  There is just something about the fifties that I love, it was a time when people dressed, and took pride in what they did, even the housewives.

I started researching because well why not I was bored and I enjoyed it (plus Bald man and I don’t agree on a ton of things about the  past, but we both agree the 1950s was a pretty great time).  As I got more and more into my research I got more invested, I wanted to find a time machine and go back ( and not just for the clothes although that is a great perk).  I wanted to go back, because being a housewife/homemaker was a noble choice. No one was telling you that you were essentially a nobody, maybe that seems harsh but how often as SAHW/SAHM are made to feel unimportant and looked down upon, like we don’t matter.  Which makes us feel like we don’t matter, like no one cares about what we do.

When I sat down to write this post I was going to write all about how a cleaned my house liked a fifties housewife for a week, but writing this post, and the title I chose made me realize that it is so much more.  That this is just the beginning of an interesting journey/ experiment I want to take on, because for the first time in a long time I am ready to embrace my life for what it is, I can see what it could be and I’m in love.

So I’m going to start this journey, and I’m excited, I hope you follow along with me.20190104_163553


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