I need to go Potty

Yes you guessed it this is an update on Mr. Fearless’ potty training journey, I think we have finally got the hang of it.

For 6 months I have been  halfheartedly working on potty train, and Mr. Fearless knew, because for a two year old he is incredibly perceptive.  However after Thanksgiving I was done with the diapers, and I  finally gave potty training 100%.

It was a battle and some how Mr. Fearless almost convinced me that maybe he wasn’t ready.  Then he walked by his little potty, so he could poop on the floor behind my desk. Which made me realize it wasn’t that he wasn’t ready it  was that he was being stubborn, and didn’t want to do what mommy wanted him to do.  Once I realized that I knew all  I had to do was out stubborn him.

This became my  goal, I was determined to show him that he wasn’t going to win this battle.  So right around the beginning of December, I decided that we were done with diapers and pull ups except for nap time and bedtime.  Once he started wearing underwear all the  time he realized that mommy was serious. Then I started taking him out in underwear which threw him for a loop, because in the past I would put him in a pull up to go out, so he would just do all his business then.

Putting him in underwear all the time was great for peeing, because he hated to pee down his leg and he hated wet pants.  Pooping on the other hand didn’t matter the underwear still held it in place so it didn’t impact his playing.  However since Mr. Fearless transitioned to solids he has been a regular pooper, I kid you not the boy poops every morning sometime between 9 and 11. Yes it was a two hour window, but that’s a pretty small window.  Yes, when he realized mommy was trying to out smart his pooping habits he tried to change them, so he would end up pooping after nap time when he was still in a diaper.

Once I realized what he was doing I broke out the big guns, if he pooped in the potty he got a treat, (usually Kinder Joy eggs, because he loves his “Easter Eggs) which actually started us on the right track for getting him to use the potty pretty reliably.   But he still wasn’t what I would call potty trained.

That is until Christmas, when he got a whole pack of PJ Mask underwear, and just like that he decided he was too big for diapers.   Which I found amusing because we had bough him a small pack of PJ Mask underwear months ago and it did nothing, but something about this big pack of underwear that he unwrapped, sealed the deal with the potty.


The next battle we have to have is the battle of the bottle, which I’m not looking forward to.  Yes, I know that at 2.5 he should be done with his bottle but the bottle came to be in a very stressful time in his life.  Stay tuned for that battle.

If anyone has and methods to get rid of the bottle, comment and leave them below, I have pretty much no experience with breaking bottle habits.


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