Planner Must Have

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Paper planners have become increasingly more popular in the last couple year, and every blogger who uses a planner has their own list of must haves, this one happens to be mine.  Each planner lover also has their own set up that works for them, I highly recommend doing some research and finding out what works for you.  So  because planners have become so popular I figured I would share my planner must have.

Planner– this one is obvious, but I love my planner and wanted to share it again.


Gel Pens: because even with no other decoration gel pens still make your planner look fun and exciting.  Plus for any girls who grew up in the early 2000 it will be a walk down memory lane.


Sharpie Pens: I know what your thinking, but we already have gel pens why do we need sharpie pens?  Well that one is super simple, gel pens need dry time there is nothing worst then smearing something you’ve just written.  I like to use the sharpie pens when I need to write a quick note, and don’t want to have to worry about dry time.


Washi Tape  Washi tape is fantastic for dividing section up, or adding some fun. I usually buy my washi tape at either at Dollar Tree, or Walmart. I find that they have the best price.


Stickers and Sticker pads: Sometimes I use stickers for the inspiration of my weekly layouts. Sometimes I use them for decoration, or if I have blank stickers, I love to use them for important events in my planner. The Dollar Store and Walmart are also great for stickers too.  Happy Planner Sticker pads are great, but can be pricey I usually wait for a sale at a craft store.   Amazon also has some at a great price but I like to be able to flip through a sticker pad before buying them. Currently I have the Super Mom and the Seasonal, sticker pads but there are a bunch of other ones I really want.


These are my favorite accessories for decorating my weekly layouts.  I love that I can give each week, a unique look.  I knew that some people only decorate a week in advance but I tend to like to do the whole month at a time.  Mostly because then I can write by blog post ideas for a month at a time, and schedules for other things, and they all match the theme of that week. Which I love, I love when everything is color coordinated.

Check Out my amazing planner layouts on my instagram page

Full disclosure, decorating planner pages can become addicting. I cannot be held accountable for any planner addiction that might occur.


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