Who is the Creative mastermind behind this blog???


My name is Samantha Sabo, and I’m the creative genius behind  Mommy vs Art.

I keep tiny humans alive on a daily basis, along with keeping the creative juices flowing. In other words I’m a stay at home mom, who is also an artist.

I started this blog because I love reading reading mommy blogs, I love getting to learn about other peoples experiences in the trenches of motherhood. Like most mom’s I have lots to say about the adventures of motherhood, I just happen to also enjoy drawing illustrations.

I have two child under the age of five, and I regularly consider adding more, to much crew, but I’m not ready to have more kids than I have hands so for now it’s just the two.


I also have a husband who I love as much as I love him he also drives me crazy. Thankfully though he works full time outside the house so I regularly get a break from him.

Along with keeping tiny humans alive, and taking care of a house. I love all things artsy and craftsy. From crochet- planner decorating you name it I have at least tried it even if it hasn’t become a hobby.